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The Law Office of Joseph C. Lindsey, P.C. in Norfolk VA has experience in handling all types of cases. We can provide legal assistance for criminal cases, divorce, traffic violations, business law, and other law areas. For many of our clients, we have become legal partners for life, dealing with all the big and little legal situations they encounter.
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We can set you an initial appointment to review and evaluate your needs to begin representing you. Before we start the case, we will give you an honest estimate of the costs and of how long the legal process may take. Most importantly, you will never be left in the dark as to the progress of your case. Attorney Lindsey returns calls and emails promptly and will never miss a legal deadline.

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From family law to business law and criminal cases, we are here to represent you and defend your rights.


Full of experience and knowledge, Joseph C. Lindsey will represent you and help you through the legal process.

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"Through some emotional times, he helped me stay on track and I appreciated that as well as I admired his level of experience in the law career and his professionalism"
-Autumn B.
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